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How To Find A Trustworthy Auto Service Center

Getting your vehicle serviced or repaired can feel like a gamble. If you are not a certified technician, how do you know if a service center is being honest with you or using quality parts? Before you need major work done to your car or truck is when you need to find a Premier Service Center you can trust. You could try the garage on the corner, home, ask friends or relatives, or search online. Before you begin that search, be ready with a few important questions listed below. You can find more questions to ask.

1. Are all their technicians certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)?

A reputable service center should be able to show you the certificates for every mechanic they use. Even the mechanic that changes your oil, or rotates your tires should be certified. Your vehicle provides transportation to and from work, social engagements and shopping. If an inexperienced technician over-tightens the oil plug or does not tighten it enough it could result in a major engine repair bill. If the they cannot give you proof of certification, move on.

2. Do they have the experience and training needed to work on your particular make and model?

Not all vehicles are designed or built equally. How long have the mechanics been working for them? How long have they been a mechanic? Do they have experience with your particular model? Different makes and models require different tools and techniques.

3. Do they use NAPA parts that are warranted at over 13,000 shops nationwide?

Vehicles rarely break down close to home. Most events occur 50 miles or more away from where you live. If you have had service done on your vehicle and something happens, it is nice to know that the parts that were installed at home, are still under warranty 300 or 2,000 miles away. For more about NAPA parts and their warranty visit Premier Service Center.

4. Do they offer a shuttle service for their customers?

Quality shops offer shuttle service for their clients. An oil change may take less than an hour, however anything beyond that will take more time. Rather than sitting in the waiting room, why not have them take you back to work or home? Most people live busy lives, that do not allow time for several hours sitting in a waiting area at the garage. It can also be difficult to make arrangements for friends and family members to pick you up, and drop you back off again. A shuttle service is an important service to provide.

Locating a service center you trust can be intimidating. Do not trust your automobile servicing or repairs to just anyone. You work hard for your money, and price does matter. At the Premier Service Center, they are offering a $25 coupon good on any services they provide, including an oil change, for first time customers. Spend less, ask questions, be an informed consumer.